Helps reduce bubbling and enhances overall clarity.

To get started, grab your sunglasses, StickTite Lenses, cleaning solution and a microfiber towel.

Remove StickTite Lenses from the packaging and set aside.

Ensure glasses are clean before application. Spray one lens with cleaning solution or wet with water.

Place StickTite toward the bottom of sunglasses directly below the bridge. Press lightly with your thumb to work out any air bubbles. It’s ok if the lens starts to slide.

Continue to press until all liquid has been pushed out from underneath and no bubbles appear. Use a microfiber cloth to dry the lens.

Repeat this process with the second lens. You can make any additional adjustment to placement by sliding the lens with your thumb.

Dry any additional liquid with a microfiber towel. Your StickTite glasses are ready to use immediately and will dry in place in as you wear them.