1. Clean your glasses thoroughly

Before applying your lenses, wash your hands and clean your glasses with lens cleaning solution or a microfiber towel.

2. Wet lenses with cleaning solution

Spray one side of lens with cleaning solution. A few drops of water may also be used if you do not have lens cleaner. Wetting the lens allows you to slide and adjust lens placement and remove bubbles from under the lens.

3. Apply your lenses to your glasses

Bubbles occur when air becomes trapped under the lens. Place lenses wet side down onto inside of glasses and press firmly to squeeze out lens solution. If bubbles are still present, press with thumb and move StickTite lens in a small circular motion until all bubbles are removed.

4. Adjust the placement of your lenses

Lens placement will affect clarity and performance. Lenses should be placed close to the inside of the frames directly below the bridge, centered directly under your pupils. Adjust and test lenses as needed by sliding them with your thumb. Once desired placement has been reached, allow 15 minutes for the lenses to fully dry and bond with your glasses.

Applying our Reader Lenses

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