How to apply

StickTite Lenses

Stick instantly and read with our patented adhesion technology.


Ensure glasses are clean before application.

Remove lenses from box and spray one side with lens cleaning solution or dip in water.

Wetting the lens allows it to be repositioned during 
application and helps avoid fingerprints and bubbling.


Place lenses wet side down on glasses directly below the bridge. For clear results, lenses should be centered and level directly below eyes. If vision is blurry, slide lenses gently with your thumb to reposition as needed and re-test vision.

Once your desired position has been reached, press down on the lens with a microfiber towel to remove any excess moisture or air bubbles from underneath the lens.


Your StickTite lenses are re-useable ready to enjoy immediately. Remove and reposition using the same application techniques as needed.