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StickTite Partner Program

Are you a retailer, vendor, or optomitrist that deals in all-things eyewear and looking for a partnership? We want to hear from you! Fill out the form below to request a sample product and get in touch with our supply division.

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Sticktite lenses are selling well and have definitely allowed me to increase sales of high-end, high margin sunglasses. It’s a great solution to a common problem – for both me and my customers!

Elizabet G

General Manager - Hammerhead Surf Shop

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Retail Spotlight

Hammerhead Surf Shop is Key West’s leading surf shop providing surf apparel, sunglasses, swimsuits and other accessories to both tourists and locals alike. Premium brand sunglasses are a leading and important category to the business.


Hammerhead’s buyer and general manager – Elisabet Garcia – told us that customers frequently ask for a particular sunglass style or brand but with a reader lens. Unfortunately, leading sunglass brands rarely offer reader lenses and even if they do, it’s usually impractical for a boutique store like Hammerhead to stock them. Elisabet was frustrated with seeing these customers leave her store empty-handed.  


Sticktite is the solution to both Hammerhead’s and its customers’ problem. When a customer asks about reader lenses for sunglasses, Elisabet is now able to offer Sticktite lenses as an effective and affordable solution – driving additional sales. Sticktite lenses are an attractive basket-building cross-sell opportunity whenever a customer of the appropriate age buys sunglasses.


Other Brands

Rigid lenses limit compatibility with certain types of eyewear, especially those with strong curvature.

StickTite Lenses

Because our lenses are super soft and flexible, they'll attach to any glasses, regardless of their curvature.


Other Brands

Thicker, curved lenses require water in order to stick and up to 24 hours to fully bond to eyewear.

StickTite Lenses

Our lenses are made from a patented polymer 40% thinner than the competition that bond and conform instantly with your eyewear.


Other Brands

Lenses will pop off from glasses when exposed water and other harsh conditions.

StickTite Lenses

With our patented adhesion technology, StickTite lenses stay put in all conditions, even underwater.

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