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On a family ski trip to Park City Utah, Sticktite’s co-founder Tom  Curley found himself on the ski lift listening to his iPhone go off but being unable to read and respond to messages or calls due to his far-sightedness. Wearing reading glasses under his ski goggles seemed both uncomfortable and probably unsafe so Tom wondered if there was an alternative to allow him to see and operate his phone, while wearing his ski goggles.

 Returning home to Ohio, Tom spoke to personal friend and soon to be co-founder Mike Tripplet about the problem. Mike is a former Director of Battelle, the innovation company that leads a significant number of the United States’ national laboratories. Tom and Mike soon found that available stick-on lenses were excessively bulky and had poor adhesion when exposed to water or high humidity. Working with a material scientist at Battelle, Tom and Mike developed a material with excellent optical properties that also adhered strongly to plastic and glass under almost any conditions. Tom and Mike applied for and were granted patents for both the unique material engineering and its application for eyeglasses.

Meet the Team

Tom Curley

Founder & CEO

Mike Tripplet


Dan Bruggerman


Jason Swatek

Supply Chain

Nicholas Hodson


Nicolas Gray


Pete Cmaylo


Lindsay Karas Stencel

Chief Counsel

Dr. Robert Beran

Technical Advisor

Ron Kesselman

Technical Advisor

Dr. Jeff Oehler

Technical Advisor

About us

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