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  • StickTite Instant Reading Lenses
  • StickTite Instant Reading Lenses

StickTite Instant Reading Lenses

  • INSTANT STICK-ON READERS: Transform any set of non-prescription eyewear into instant bifocals with our stick-on lenses that are thin, flexible, and secure.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Within minutes, you can begin using your stick-on bifocals anywhere you use your non-prescription eyewear. Simply remove the lenses from the packaging, wet with cleaning solution or water, and apply the readers directly to the inside of your eyewear of choice.
  • STICK-ON READERS FOR SUNGLASSES: Perfect for the beach, the pool, the golf course or any outside activity. There's no need for costly prescription sunglasses when you can transform your favorite pair into bifocals.
  • MAGNIFIED READING ANYWHERE: Convert any eyewear into magnifiers; safety glasses, swimming, scuba, ski, or cycling goggles, and more. Whether working or playing, you don’t have to give-up magnified optics.
  • PATENTED ADHESION TECHNOLOGY: Our bifocal lenses stick to eyewear without adhesives and don't leave behind any residue, so you can use them over and over again on different glasses.
  • Designed in Ohio, manufactured in China

​Customer Reviews

These really work. I use them on my sunglasses and am able to read and crochet outside.

Paul Glavin

Reviewed on Amazon

Works great. Follow directions and they stay on and are perfectly clear. I had to trim them just a little to get them lower on my sunglasses but that was easy.

Mike McBroom

Reviewed on Amazon

Easy to use and install. I had no issues at all. I can now read while wearing my Bose frames. Much less expensive than ordering prescription lenses!

Mark Byron

Reviewed on Amazon

I am new to wearing glasses and was upset that I wasn't able to wear my sunglasses.....until I found this. These are amazing!!! They are easy to stick on to your lenses and they stay, they are easy to adjust if you don't get it right the first time. The best thing ever is you can actually see, they are not blurry!

Goofy Girl

Reviewed on Amazon

I have used these type of lens for years! They are a perfect add-on for any type of eyewear. I use them inside my firefighting mask to read fine print when I need

L Sanders

Reviewed on Amazon

Stick Lite Lenses are really cool. They stick and peel off my shades similar to the peel and stick toy from my childhood. I found them very easy to use and best of all I can see in my shades! These things are so easy to use that I can stick them on and peel them off of any pair of shades (or gasses) as many times as I need to. If you need reading glasses, I recommend you get these instead. It's totally worth it.

Tisha L. Richardson

Reviewed on Amazon

This product seemed a bit silly, but it turned out to be awesome! It’s so convenient to be able to stick on to any pair of sunglasses and be able to see and read without having to remove my sunglasses or have to change glasses. Definitely recommend.


Reviewed on Amazon

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