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Your favorite glasses are now your favorite bifocals





Leave your readers at home and see clearly at work, play, wherever.

StickTite Instant Reading Lenses are compatible with all your favorite eyewear.

Available in 6 different diopters for clear, convenient magnification

From +1.25 all the way up to +3.0, we've got a lens that helps you see clearly so you can stay in the game.

Manufactured with patented adhesion technology

Our instant stick-on bifocals cling tight to glasses, even underwater. Since there aren't any glues or adhesives, you can even swap them with different eyewear whenever you like.

Hindsight is 20/20

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Other Brands

Lenses will pop off from glasses when exposed water and other harsh conditions.

StickTite Lenses

With our patented adhesion technology, StickTite lenses stay put in all conditions, even underwater.


Other Brands

Thicker, curved lenses require water in order to stick and up to 24 hours to fully bond to eyewear.

StickTite Lenses

Our lenses are made from a patented polymer 40% thinner than the competition that bond and conform instantly with your eyewear.


Other Brands

Rigid lenses limit compatibility with certain types of eyewear, especially those with strong curvature.

StickTite Lenses

Because our lenses are super soft and flexible, they'll attach to any glasses, regardless of their curvature.

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